1 week at my new job: DONE

So now the first week at JFC Norden is over. It's been a long week but I've had alot of fun and learned tons of stuff. Of course there's been more than a few stressful moments...but somehow I survived them all! Things may seem impossible at first but onces it's over, you're like "huh...that wasn't so bad". 
Today I had lunch with my boss and collegues at sushi restaurant next to the store. It was delicious. And today we also tried several different samples of Japanese candy, snacks etc. Best job ever? I think so.

Just a random picture of my lunch the other day...
 I have this lovely church just around the corner from my work...it's magnificent.
Tomorrow I'm moving to the new apartment in Rågsved. I'm so excited! And Mom and Dad is coming by car with my furnitures and all. They're the best. 
And I'm gonna meet up with Maja and Amanda as well for lunch! YAAAY!
I have a feeling this weekend is gonna pass by VERY fast but I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it! 
Btw last night I chilled with my cousin and we watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead together....I honestly died a little bit inside. We just sat there like "whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!"
Then we played some Fifa 2014. Which was intense. I actually won the first match (I don't even believe it myself) but then the next match...I lost with 0-9....hehe.
Btw nr 2...tonight I had a great evening with my uncle and his family. We had a delicious pasta dinner followed by macarons for dessert. It was like a dream. Then when everybody else had left the table me and my uncle's wife sat and chatted for hours about EVERYTHING. I think this has been the most adult conversation I ever had. We talked marriage, relationships, education, future and just life in general. She is an incredible woman and I've always looked up to her ever since I was a kid and my god...I want to become like her when I "grow up". I mean, I'll be turning 22 in a few days so...better get this show on the road, you know.

Macarons from Ladurée. Heaven.


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