Just chillin' and killin' spiders

Yesterday was a really lazy day. I stayed at home the whole day and watched anime, movies (Beautiful Creatures...not too impressed), read a little and just chilled with my laptop. BUT me and mom did go out on a 1h long walk. And while walking I listen to P3 Documentary. It was really good and now I just want to listen more documentaries!
I also found a spider in my bed while lying there watching anime. It was walking right over my right knee. And hear this, I didn't scream. No it's true, I didn't. I just sat up, folded the sheets so that the bastard wouldn't get away, and got the vacuum cleaner och sucked that little idiot right up. HAHA! I'm so fed up with spiders right now so I always keep the vacuum cleaner close. Can't the winter just come already so all of those nasty, eight-legged freaks with freeze to death!?

Postat av: TOPIA

MOAHAH. Alla som lyssnar å p3 dok blir beroende.. vilken lyssnade du på?

Svar: Desho~!!Mordet på Engla. Sjukt hemskt
Johanna Lundgren

2013-08-26 @ 16:07:20

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