Food festival in Skellefteå

Like the title and Sofia's love for food is so big, that we even went to Skellefteå to please our ever yearning bellies that cries for delish food. So, me and my partner in crime car-pooled together with my parents to Lövånger and dropped them off there and then continued onwards just the two of us to Skellefteå. We arrived early (ofc..) so we walked around in a shopping mall to pass the time at first and then went to the festival area. Since we were there when it opened it wasn't that much people around but as time passed more and more people arrived and when we finally had enough the area had gotten very crowded.

Sofia is not sure if gusta...

Soooo good~

Delish vegetarian pizza

The most yum thing of the day: Fried camembert with cloudberry jam.

Well, this donut wasn't that bad either...yummy!!
After getting back to Lövånger at my aunts summer house we met up with the rest (mum and dad, my sister, aunt, cousin etc). They all sat there enjoying the sun and cleaning the mushrooms they've picked earlier. This was nothing for me and Sofia so we took a stroll in to the forest to eat some blue berries. Time just flew by while we walked there talking about J-rockers, the concert next month and other general random stuff. When we walked back on the trail we met my mum, she had appearently gotten worried why we stayed in the forest so long and hadn't come back. She though the bear had taken us. Haha.
Anyway, as you can see, today was a very awesome day =D

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