To be continued

Thursday morning. 20th September 2012.
Yesterday was a real rollercoaster day. First, the graduation. I got my grades which I'm very satisfied with.
My final score was 68% and attendance was 97,4%
During the last break we got I had time to talk to Rin (my nerd-crush) some more. It felt very nice....I'm gonna miss him...
Then we walked to the big assembly room, where we always gather for stuff like this or presentations. The cermony wasn't that bad, actually. The 上級2(Joukyuu 2) class, the class with the highest level at the whole school, gave an amazing performance in the form of a play. It was like a game show and it was hilarious. I really enjoyed it.

The principal

The awesome show!
Then we all got out to the cafe and there were tabled filled with food and drinks. So we all got in to it and ate and drank and took ALOT of pictures. My camera's batteries died so I didn't take alot of pictures...but I was alot in other peoples pictures. But yeah it was great fun, I derped around with either Dena or Sofia & Lawler most of the time.



Then we got home, left our stuff and me and Sofia walked to the immigration office. I had no business there to take care of, but Sofia had to extend her visa so I tagged along. 
After coming back home, a few hours later, we took a little breather and then Lawler came and together we walked to Saizeriya. I don't know how many times we've eaten and that place by I guess it was obvious that our last dinner together was to be held there.

And what can I say.....we had an amazing time as always. Sat there for hours talking, eating, laughing...just like it always been. When it was time to leave and say goodbye outside of the restaurant I couldn't hold back my tears. "I love this girl and I don't want her to leave!!!! I want to stay this way, the 4 of us together forever!!! " that's pretty much what was running through my mind. But I've been in this situation before. 2 years ago. So I know that you've gotta keep going, and that this is not goodbye. It's more like a "See you later". Because we'll meet again. I know we will. She'd given us each a personal letter and when I read mine, I couldn't help but smile. Because that's what Lawler does to you. She makes you smile, she makes you happy. She such an amazing person and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to meet her. I really can't wait until we'll meet again in the future. This isn't goodbye. This is To Be Continued.

My letter....

...sealed with a KISSE <3


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