Time to Celebrate!!!

Here's my scores:
* Grammar - 79/100 p
* Kanji/Vocabulary -  78/160 p (49%)
* Reading -  65% (though we discovered that I had + 4p so the percent will rise to probably 69%)
* Hearing - 72 %
* Speaking -  65/100 p
* Presentation & Report - 72.5/100 p & 72/100 p
* Essay - 74/100 p
As you can see I totally failed the Kanji/Vocab part but since that part doesn't weigh that much in the overall final grade, it doesn't really matter. And grammar weighs ALOT and since that went so well, I'm all good. The grammar part is the one I'm most proud of, to be honest. I worked my ass off to get that grade. Last time I think I got 64/100...so that's a major improvement!! I'm not so proud about the speaking part.....I've could've done SOOO much better..I know it. But I was very nervous and talked way too casual...well...NEXT TIME I'm gonna rock the speaking test!!
My teacher told us  that if we were to have the extra test on Tuesday mornign (if you're in the dangerzone of passing or not) she would contact us....and she never contacted me. YEHO!
I will get my final grade tomorrow at the cermony!!! IT.FEELS.SO.AWESOME!!! 
So, later in the evening we had our last class party. We went to a new place...that turned out to be a....not so good place. It was expensive, the food was not that good and the same with the service. But, the company was amazing. I laughed so much during that dinner I though I was gonna die a little bit. Even though I end up being nostalgic and all about my first class, I still really like the one I'm in now. It's gonna be sad to part with everyone....

My teacher to the left and two of my amazing classmates!

The never ending drink menu...


The guy's table..

Glorious tofu~

Money money money~


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