This has been the most productive day this year....I think. I might not have done a lot of different stuff but...I've done alot of a few things. AND I got 5 things that stressed me alot out of the way, which feels great. Those things were:
1. Pay the last fee to House Network (for now, the next one is gonna be payed around the 20th)
2. Fix the couch problem. I went to the recycle place and convinced them to take the couch aswell when they come to pick everything up the 30th. 
3. Ask about the visa papers (they were impossible to understand...even though they were in English)
4. Pay and get a specific stamp-thingy for my new visa (4000yen....a very expensive stamp...)
5. Talk to our landlord and ask if we can stay in the apartment until the 4th (just in case we can't move in the 2nd)
So now when all of that's out of the way.....I feel 243 kg lighter. Hell ye.
Other than that, I've been studying like crazy. I know I write it almost everyday, how much I study I how I have no life anymore, but's been insane. I studied so much I even amazed myself. I wrote 442 Kanji on my computer (!!!) study all the grammar in my blue book, only have 2 chapters left in my green book, written down all the words in my vocabulary book, rewied the last chapter and translated all the words in the blue book......and fixed a little bit with my iPod, watched one Naruto episode, gone to the grocery with Sofia and cooked both lunch and dinner. HELL YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! 
Since I've been very bad at taking pictures lately I took the opportunity to take some pics of the stuff I bought at the grocery, huh?  well, better than nothing, right?

A type of pancake bread with some nuttish filling....not bad...

This is EXACTLY what it looks like... So let's just leave it at that. Hahah no just kiddin it's actually Oyster Sauce....BIG SIZE. yeah.

This, my friends, is spicy korean noodles....I'm. Gonna. Die. 
Now I'm just gonna write a little bit on the visa papers then....I'm gonna play some Starry Sky (my "new" game that I've been playing every night before I go to bed) and have a good night sleep.

Postat av: ina

Du är grym min vän! :D att du klarar allt, sen äre ju lite så pluggar man så har man inte jämt så mycket annat att skriva om xD Längtar till vår nästa skypedate <3

Svar: Gumman <3 Vi kämpar på tillsammans även fast vi är på olika kontinenter!! Haha jo det stämmer ju ifs ^^ Ja jag längtar med!! Känns alltid så skönt efter att ha pratat med dig...som ba: "Oooh....allt känns som det ska nu" Saknar dig min bästaste bästis <3
Johanna Lundgren

2012-09-05 @ 16:47:05

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