Rockin' Banana Sunday

Not much has been going on today. Just a usual Sunday in Kyoto. Been listening like crazy to Gazette's latest album and omg *dies*
Last night though, before going to bed, me and Dena decided to watch a horror movie, "The Cabin in the Woods". Such an awesome movie. I really recommend it! Though I sorta got nightmares from it.....I guess that's what you get from watching a horror movie right before bedtime. 
I've basically only been studying Kanji lately. But that doesn't mean that I'll nail it on the test text week. Oh no. It's still gonna be hell. Uaah....
Tomorrow we have the writing part....the essay.....I just hope that the theme will be an easy one...then I can just make random stuff up. 
After going out for a quick run (in the rain and thunder), took a shower and then I made banana pancakes. To make these little sweethearts you'll only need 2 eggs and 1 banana. Easy enough for me. And damn...they're delicious. Such a perfect snack!! I made a little bunch of then and I think I'm gonna eat a few for breakfast tomorrow or take them to school and eat as snack between classes. Who said I was bad in the kitchen?!! HUH?! I rock the kitchen!

Behold the banana pancakes!!!


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