Recap of the weekend

This weekend has felt very long and slow. Even though I spent hours and hours studying, I had a very nice weekend. 
Yesterday me and Sofia went and looked at a new apartment. We went back to "House Network" (the ones who got us this apartment) and talked to the same people, who all recognized us immediately. They took us to the apartment, which was very close to the school and I said I wanted it and we went back to the office to fill in papers and stuff. I'm gonna go back and pay some money at the office on Tuesday after school and pay the rest this feels very, very good.
Then, on the evening, the 3 of us sat down and watched a movie together called "the Covenant". Such a retarded and bad movie....but because of that, it actually was entertaining. 
Today, I've studied and then around 16:00, me and Dena went out on a looooong walk in our old territories. It was so nostalgic to be back....and during the walk, we once again started planning the future. A little more detailed this time. I really hope it all works out and we'll be able to pull this off!!!! BECAUSE IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!


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