So today I went and met up with Albert and went to "fika" together. It's been like...7 weeks since last time....Anyway, it was very nice, as always, and just like usual, we end up talking about really deep stuff about the future and such...haha but it was fun. Of course.

Delicious milk tea with a kitty cookie <3

Since I during this recent week been having to place money in stuff that I didn't know I had to do before getting my next batch of money from CSN....I'm quite poor right now. I know what you think "but Johanna according to your blog you still go out and eat, go to Osaka and stuff stop lying" .....and yes, that's true. But as I explained earlier, eating out in Japan isn't that expensive....making your own food is sometimes more expensive. And, when I go out and eat, like at the Indian restaurant we usually go to, I eat so much I don't need dinner or I'll just to eat something very light during the evening. Either way, I'm trying to save my money. And hence, our refrigerator looks like this:

Guess which shelf is mine.....hahaha


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