Oppan Gangnam Style (Kyoto Version)

Everything worked out fine today!!
The school called around 11:00 and told me the papers were done and I could come and pick them up. So I got dressed and walked to school. There, I filled in the documents and then took them to the post office to pay for the fire insurance and get a receipt to give to my school so that they could write their part of the document. Then I stayed a little while and talked to "Puppy-Boy". About how Swedish people suck at studying (comparing to Asians) and we talked about video games. It was amazing.
Since it all went so smoothly I treated myself to some bread from the bakery. Delicious.
Then I walked home and derped around a little bit with Sofia. That's when we took this pic:
If you, by any chance, don't know why this picture is kick ass....you need to keep up a little better. Just search on "Gangnam Style" on youtube, watch the video,  then you'll get it. 
THEN I went to our favorite cafe to meet up with Albert. Which was very nice, of course. He leaves tomorrow to go back to Taiwan for surgery soo...I'm gonna miss him alot! He'll me back again by the end of October...and by then I have my new apartment! 
When I got home I derped around a little bit more with Sofia. Then we went and had dinner together.
Awesome bacon salad~

Then we bought some snacks and and walked home and watched....."TWISTER"!!!!! One of my favorite movies!! It was so nostalgic and so awesome!! The volume in Helen Hunt's hair is astounding¨....


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