Johanna used RECOVERY.

Okey let me first say that yesterday was awesome. Why? Because I spend the whole day with Dena, that's why.
So after Dena woke up we decided to go and have brunch at a restaurant that Dena been to earlier that appearently was really nice. We got there and boy was it delicious food!! I got Sukiyaki which I haven't eaten that since Maja was here!

My food~

Soooo good~


Then we got home... and the real deal started. We cuddled up on my futon in Dena's room (been sleeping there lately) and watched the lastest episode of "Face Off" and then started watching "A 1000 ways to Die". I assume you can guess what it's about....We've seen a few seasons so we just continued watching from there. I frickin' love that show. Then we went and bought some (more) snacks and then watched a movie called "Final Call". Chris Evans aka Cap. America was in that movie!! And he was useless :D Very entertaining movie. Then we derped around a little bit and then we watched "The Others" starring none other than Nicole Kidman and Christoffer Eccleston. That movie....was awesome!!!!! I really really liked it. Then to round if all off we watched one episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras".....which was horrible but oh so entertaining. 



A crazy Dena

So yeah, yesterday was such a perfect day to recover from the past was so awesome <3


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