I never really liked graphs

Oh dear lord....I managed to survive today. Thank Gackt. 
Nah really, today was....ok, I guess. 
It's hard to guess how the grammar part went though but the reading part went ok....besides the fact that I totally screwed up at one question. It was a graph and then a text....and then the questions on the text and graph were so idiotically written that I didn't know what the hell to do. I asked my teacher 2 times...and still didn't get it. So I just felt like "fuck this shit I've been staring at this for the past 20 min I'm out" and just circled something random, handed it in and left. Then the others told me how that question worked....and I realized that what I've circled wasn't even options.....fail.

Other than that it went ok...I just hope that tomorrow will be fast and less stupid. Since I haven't studied the word AT ALL I think I'm in for a adventure at that part....I'll just freestyle. I think I've hit a wall at how many Kanji I can push in to my head so...maybe this will be it for the study of the finals 2012....I think so.
Anyways. Here's a pic of my lunch today. Because I know how much you are dying to see it.

Sushi and Soba


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