"Bow ties are cool"

Okay so today I finished watching DW S5. I think I'm gonna need a little break before jumping in to S6. Supernatural S7 might just do the trick.
I took this screenshot the other day and I absolutely love it! The Tardis, the Doctor with his companion. Uaah goosebumps!!
Anyhow, I've spend the last 3 days indoors in front of my laptop and just done nothing but watch DW. My back aches like crazy, I've got a slight headache and I feel a little bit nauseous. Totally worth it.
Been eating sweets and stuff the whole time, probably gained 2 kg. At least.
Delicious donut~
Tim Tam. The best thing that ever came from Australia (besides accents)

Being lazy and not do anything these past days has been amazing. But, I think it'll have to end here. I have to go back to House Network and fix a few stuff and then go back to school and have them sign documents and shit *sigh* it's just....uaah I just want everything to be done and over with.  


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