4022 SAVED

Woaah this day has felt so long~
I walked to House Network at 10:00 and got the documents and then went to school. There they told me I need to fix everything by myself with the fire insurance and THEN they could fill in the documents. So they took the documents and they'll call me in tomorrow to go and get them, so that I can go to the convenient store and pay the fee, then go back to school, have them fill in the paper, fill it in myself....and then it should be done. 
This. Sucks. Big time. I had fika plans tomorrow with Albert and now I don't know if/how long we'll be able to meet. Damn it all....
Anyhow, the 4 of us went in to the city today to shop. The only thing I ended up buying was hair treatment from Lush....I found a very pretty night gown and an awesome bellybutton piercing but...didn't buy that. And I think I sorta had it difficult to relax since I kept thinking about how I'm gonna be able to fix everything that needs to be done tomorrrow....damn it all...again.
But, we had an awesome dinner at a restaurant called "Stars" and the last time I was there was like in November last year so that felt a bit nostalgic.

Delicious fooooood~
After coming home I watched 2 episodes of DW S4 that I'd completely forgotten about (we started talking about it during dinner and I felt like "Eeeeh hold on....wait, what...?" so..yeah) and hsjbckjbiksd how awesome it is/was!! 
So...tomorrow.. feels very mixed. We'll see how it all turns out.


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