A slow Thursday~

I had a dream about japanese grammar last night.....
Anyway, today was a very slow day.
It was around 30 C outside today.
The air conditioners were running on full power in almost every classroom which gave me a terrible headache. My whole body felt heavy and during the last class, I could barely lift my arm. Nice summertime in Japan.....
During class today, we decided to have a class party next Tuesday (after the tests) since the Italians are leaving next Sunday. It's gonna be weird when they're gone...and a lot more quieter.
During "reading" class we read each others fortune and love in our palms. You know, palm reading. And we read horoscopes. Appearently, my upcoming "unlucky-day" is the 11 of June....that's one of the middle term test days. Feels good......but another guy in my class (who we call "the crazy Chinese guy" because he looks....evil) also has the same misfortune as I do soo....we can fail together.
After school me and Sofia went grocery shopping. I bought some dinner because I felt too hot to stand in the kitchen making food.
My dinner~
I also bought some study-snacks. One of them being something that I used to eat together with my old host family back in 2010. Felt very nostalgic to eat them again almost 2 years later...
And after that, I started studying. I finished reviewing the difficult grammar book and now I "only" have the usual grammar, Kanji and vocabulary left.....yay.


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