Typhoon trouble?? Nope.

So yup, the typhoon hit Kyoto today.
The school day started off as usual. Had grammar class together with Lawler which was awesome, and then before lunch we had information about the Culture Day tomorrow. Gonna be aaaawesome~
Then after lunch...we'd just started our afternoon classes and then the principal runs in to our classroom and told us that we had to leave and go home, the typhoon was gonna hit much earlier than expected. We got very disappointed *cough*. "Strong wind" warning had been issued over Kyoto soo.... we all went home.
When we got home, the wind did get stronger. The rain was heavy but not crazy. 
Then we decided to have a little party and danced to some old school songs and just had a blast.
After dinner we decided to watch Ice Age. It's seriously been ages since I watched that movie!!! But, we needed snacks. So, we grabbed our umbrellas and defied the typhoon. Hell yeah. Barely got wet. Oh yeah.
Now it's around 21:30 and the wind is not so strong anymore. We we're told it was gonna rage through out the night but....come on, is this all you got?? Not impressed.



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