"This is your home"

Monday. No Italians at school. Feels empty.
Ah well. After school I went home and had lunch and then I went grocery shopping. I bought some stuff to snack on during studying to make it less boring. 

Well I did manage to study a little bit... and we got divided in our new grammar, hearing and reading classes today. I have both grammar and hearing together with Lawler :D YAY!
AND OH! I finished reading the latest arc of the Blue Exorcist manga and that arc is played out in Kyoto :D It felt so weird recognize the places and temples in the manga. I guess I still can't really belive I live in Kyoto...

You can see places like Kinkakuji, Kyomizudera, Fushimi inari, Kamogawa river and the buss station :D HAHA
We've heard reports that a typhoon is closing in on Japan. Appearently it's supposed to hit Kyoto later this week (it's in Okinawa now) ....we'll see what happens...


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