Sunday chill~

Today has been a very calm and nice day. Though I feel like I've actually done a few productive stuff today... I'm probably greatly mistaken...
But, I've played alot of Dissidia. It's amazing that game. Could sit for hours and play!
I reviewed next week's grammar. Hell yeah.
I watched some Blue Exorcist and one episode of One Piece. 
And..... I read the latest chapters of Naruto. And it made me cry. For real. Sofia had to hug me in order for me to stop. I hate, I love it so much and that's why it makes me cry. Damn it all.
Anyhow, during our "Midsommar" shopping spree i bought a new pair of sandals. Because I need it. Yes. And I actually saw these beauties when I was with Dena in Namba a few weeks back, but I didn't buy them then...and now I found then in Kyoto...on sale!!! So of course I HAD to buy them.

Let me upload the latest of my deliciousness aswell. Cherries and Uji Macha sticks (though I must admit that the stick did taste a bit funky....but oh well)

Postat av: Lares

så himla goda!! eller dom där gröna fanns inte i vietnam, men de röd/bruna med "vanlig" chokladfyllning :) mumma!

2012-06-29 @ 20:17:47

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