Now my hesitation has completely dissipated

So, yesterday after school we went to the Ward office to fix some papers. I didn't look forward to this trip at all since I don't have ANY nice memories of that place (always have to stand in a long ass line and there's no air con) but....It went surprisingly smooth! We spent maybe...30 min there at the most and got to fill in our new papers and stuff and yeah...everything that I was nervous about with all of the papers and shit is now *poof* GONE.

We rode the tiniest bus ever yesterday. From where I sat there was only like..2 rows of seats behind me. Hahah Chibi Bus!

Not so happy ladies...

After arriving back home we derped around a little bit and then me and Sofia went to the place in the mall next to us. I'd never been there before but Sofia had and about good sushi. The quality of the fish was just amazing and to finish it of, I took a sashimi plate (raw fish) Sooooo good~

Tuna sushi! My favorite~


When the evening arrived me and Dena went out for a walk together. Very nice, as always. Talked about the future and stuff. Can't wait!! When we got back home we sat down in the sofa and watched The Walking Dead (Season 1 Ep 2) She's watching the series now and I wanted to watch one episode with her...just for the nostalgic feeling.


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