Well my friends, we got our test results back today...BUT before I write anything about that, I need to make a post about yesterdays party.
So, at around 18:45 we all gathered outside of Loft and the only ones that couldn't make it was the other Swedish in my class, Anton and DenDen and one of our 3 teachers. Then we walked to this Izakaya which was underground and is was very clean and nice. And then the party just begun. PHOTOBOMB!
Posing with a fake smile ^^

Raku-San and I-San :D


Edamame!! Delicious beans..

Calpis! All I need~

Then the food started rolling in~

Not everything was delicious though...this is fish eggs with seaweed...nasty as hell.

You-San, Te-San och Raku-San =D


I-San, Kaji-Sensei (my favorite teacher!!) Rin-San and Me :D

Alessandra and Booru-San (notice how red he is xD)

And finally, the guys together with the teachers =)
So yeah, I had fun.


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