Glory's Fanfare

Okey. The test results. Here's my scores:
Hearing: 70 %
Grammar: 67/100 p
Reading: 53 %
Kanji/Vocabulary: 75/100 p
Essay: 70 %
Which means...I passed all but the reading part xD Hahaha!! But aaaaalot of people failed grammar so I'm happy I managed to pass that part (somehow). Now I know that I have to study harder if I wanna jump up to upper level next semester!!!
After school I stayed a little bit together with Albert and we toasted the victory over the middle-terms with some Calpis Soda =) Even though my results could've been much better, I'm still happy I passed.
When I got home I watched more Blue Exorcist and squeeled a little bit. Then I had a dinner....salmon, asparagus, soba-noodles and iced tea! Perfect for hot days!!
Dinner!! The sauce in the pink cup is a kind of sauce that you dip the noodles in..delicious!!

Postat av: Papi

Congratulations, I think I can't imagain how nice you must feel. And I feel proud!

2012-06-13 @ 20:06:25

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