Friends in my heart

Today was a very special day. Why? Because today I got to meet a family member. And I'm not talking about my Swedish family. I'm talking about my crazy family, the one I made in Japan 2 years ago. Today I met Catherine. 
Cath is here in Japan on vacation and I got the chance to meet her at Kyoto station. It was unreal. It's been about exactly 2 years since we met each other for the first time. When I met her I just hugged her so hard and almost started crying. I was so happy to see her again. After a few more hugs vi found our way to a cozy café and then we sat down and talked about....everything. It was amazing and such a memorable day. The people I met 2 years ago in Japan really feels like a second family and I love them all so much. It really doesn't matter if we're scattered all over the globe, our friendship is just as strong as it were two years ago.
Catherine <3 


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