Field trip - Uji

So today's adventure was going to a place called Uji a little bit outside of Kyoto together with my Kyoto Culture class. We left from Demachiyanagi station around 10:00 and then after one train change we were in Uji!! This place is appearently most famous for it's delicious Macha. And we all know by know how much I looooove macha so I was a happy cat. Now, I'll give you today's pictures =)

Tsai and Dena (and Bau to the right ^^)

Walking around in beautiful Uji~

Bau and Anton~
Found some fortunes at a temple~

This one makes no sense.... 

Traditional Shinto Gate...and a Hyundai. Perfect.

Hydrangea (Sv- Hortensia)!! Almost my new favorite flower (thanks to Dena)

Pretty temple surrounded by bamboo forest

Epic statue

Due to the recent heavy rain the river was very flooded and angry.

Of course I had to buy a macha ice cream!!

Here you can sort of see how much water there is in the river....

Then we went to a site which had a huge temple and a kick ass museum and other cool stuff...

Here's the badass temple. Biyodouin. 


Lotus flowers!!


At the last temple we found a dog just chillin'

Found a lantern which said "JR Uji Sation"

Another one that said" Okumura" which is the last name of the main characters of the manga I'm totally in to right now sooo....IT'S AWESOME!!!

Sofia and Lawler!


Lunch!! As you can see, the noodles are green. That's because it's tea flavoured. Sooo good~

And then I bought this. Tea containers. Incredibly beautiful. When I go back to Uji I'm gonna buy more!!!

To sum it up, I had a great day =)


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