Face it Later

It went muuuuch better today than it did yesterday. The word/Kanji part was not that difficult but definitely not easy either, and the hearing part was ok. I just hope that yesterday's immense failure wont bring me down too much....We'll get back the results tomorrow soo....we'll see how this ends....
Tonight it's classparty. The Italians are leaving this weekend so....yeah. I'm a little nervous since we're going to a Izakaya with "drink and eat all you want" and...well we know what I think about being around drunk people by now. I think I'm gonna sit next to Te-San and You-San, two sweet Taiwanese girls that I feel quite safe with and keep a little bit of a distance to the Italians who'll propably go all in. Anyway, I think it might be fun. Goind out in the middle of the week is gonna fuck up my brain but....who cares =)
I started watching the Blue Exorcist anime today when I got home and omg.....it gave my newest fandom a crazy lvl up. I'm so happy <3


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