Day off in Osaka~

Yesterday me and Dena went to Osaka. There's no words in any language that can describe how much I love that city. I thought I needed one day off the studying and just have fun and do a little shopping.
So yeah, me and Dena left the apartment around 10:30 and walked down to the city and then took the Hankyuu train to Umeda station. After that, we took the subway to Namba. That's where they have H&M, Bershka and much much more <3
Me and Dena on the train~

Busy streets of Namba

The H&M building~
And then the shopping started. Sadly enough, I didn't find anything at Bershka. Sure I found a few things but...they were not worth the money and I felt like I really didn't....need them at all. Then I went to Lush and I bought the biggest chunk of the "Rockstar" soap they had xD Hahah but I really looove the scent and it feels so nostalgic so I don't really care ^^ Then we went to H&M and I bought 2 basic tank tops and a dress. I really liked it and summer in Japan demands dresses!!!
Then we went to McDonald's for lunch!! I really like McDonald's more in Japan than in Sweden. Their menu is much better and the fries more delicious!!


After lunch, we went and had some frozen yoghurt! It was sooo good~ First you took a cup and then you could take any flavor you liked (and they had alot of delicious ones!!)  and then you chosed your topping (and they had everything from chocolate sause to fruit to nuts) and then they weighed it all and then you payed. So clever!!
Choose your flavors~

Then you take your topping~

My masterpiece! Chocolate, cheesecake and vanilla flavored frozen yoghurt with strawberries, walnuts, chocolate sauce and a cookie =)

After eating our frozen yoghurt, we went back to Umeda. Then we walked to our favorite "bookstore" and bought "books". Then we walked around a little more and just looked into random stores and stuff. Then we took the Hankyuu back home to Kyoto. Once at home, we stopped by at Loft and Dena bought a notebook and and took a quick trip to Sanjo Cupola where I bought a new bag. Carrying my old one on my back is not nice now then the crazy heat has arrives ( it gets very hot as you may understand) so I bought a shoulder bag that I've been looking at since a few weeks back...
So yeah, yesterday was AMAZING!!! Today I'm just gonna stay inside and study for the tests in Monday and Tuesday. Yehoo....


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