You shook me all night long

Today was a very nice day. Even though it rained like crazy. The rain season has indeed started. (I just looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow and saw it's gonna be sunny and 32 C hot.....damn this weather)
During the last class today we talked about politics and law. It's was so much fun and interesting. Such a great class. Kaji-Sensei asked if anyone of us consider working in politics and only me and another guy said yes. I explained to her that I'd like to work in the political field of international reletionships and even out the equality between men and women in Asia. I can't believe that I can express my thoughts and opinions about these subjects in Japanese...but appearently I can (not perfectly ofc) I'm a little surprisd by myself. 
Now it's Tuesday evening. I've written down the new words and a few of the new Kanji....and now I'm thinking about diving into something completely else. Doctor Who. Or, Supernatural. I can't decide. Right now it's leaning towards Supernatural....Anyways, I'm gonna take my laptop, grab my candy and sit down in the guestroom and watch how many episodes I want. Until I can't keep my eyes open anymore. This is gonna be interesting. 
Ridiculously photogenic Winchester brothers


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