Osaka fun~

Osaka was amazing today =)
Me and Dena went first to my old school just to check out a yukata place next to it. It was so nostalic to be there again 2 years later...but yeah, the yukata place, looked the same as before. Didn't buy anything though...

Me outside my old school ^^

The yukata and kimono place!

Then we went to Namba again. Aaaaaawesome!! I bought a pair of shorts and a printed T-shirt at Bershka's and jewelry at Claire's....then we went and had lunch at Lotteria

Then we walked arounda bit more. We found a (probably second-hand) lolita clothing shop with crazy cheap prices!!! Almost wanted to buy something just because but...I didn't. But they were sooooo pretty~ Then we went back to the frozen yoghurt place. This time, I took fruity flavors with...fruit :D


Then we took the subway back to Umeda and looked around there a little more and then we took the train back home to Kyoto =) Like always, after leaving Osaka I get a little....I don't know, sad... I think. I just wanna stay there!!!


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