My first day in Sweden

So, the first day in Sweden, I woke up at around 9:00 in the morning. The feeling of being able to sleep in one's own bed after 10 months was just...amazing.
My dad was home (since appearently he can work very flexible hours now) and after I got dressed and stuff we took the car in to town. And I drived. And it feel gooood. Then we met up with mom and went for lunch together at Rost. Delicous.

Dear Dad and Mom =)


Then me and Dad ran some errands and I ended up having to change my cellphone number =( Damn it. But my new one is very easy to remeber so that's nice...and all of my contacs and pics etc were saved on my cellphone's ok. 
THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN....we went and saw Avengers. How I have waited. And OMG how amazing it was. Loki...was so hot.... I almost died. Seriously. There was soo many Thorki moments and  Steve x Tony  moments etc....everything just started making sense. Or even more sense. I loved it.
After the movie, we went and picked up mom and when grocery shopping together. While at Coop, I felt I just had to take a peek in to Expert to see if Maja was there. And yes, she was. So I walked in there to surprise her. Hahaha aaaaah it felt so good to see her again!!!! We decided to make epic plans for later this week...can't wait!!
Then we went home and had dinner. And after that, I got tired as hell and went to bed. My first day in Sweden was perfect =)

Postat av: ina

du har vart borta för länge om du säger coop och inte obs...! ;D

2012-07-24 @ 22:55:00

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