"Up" was amazing!!!
There was craaazy thunder rolling last night when we were walking to Anton's. But it was very funny =) Neither Bau, Anton nor Tsai had un umbrella so..they got soaked XD

Blurry walking in the rain picture

Happy drenched people :D


But yeah the movie was amazing! I love animated movies!! And I remember when I was in France the last time (in 2009) and saw commercial posters for "Là-Haut", as it's called in French, everywhere and I really wanted to watch it...and now I finally got to do it. 3 years later and half a globe away =)

Dena and Anton!

On the way home we found this beautiful....Ajisai bush (can't spell the English word for it right now...but you know what it is xD)

Now, it's Saturday morning. In 10 min me and Dena will leave the apartment to go to Osaka!!!

Postat av: Papi

I really would like to see UP now.

2012-07-07 @ 06:01:17
Postat av: ina

Ofta du inte sett UP tidigare? :O
Den är så sorlig!

2012-07-07 @ 10:53:20
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