Today we went to Gion festival again. In the scorching heat. Yup. I'll show som pic later but....first of all. I gotta complain about the weather here. Again. It's......hell. Yesterday me and Sofia took a bath in cold water to cool ourselves down....and then after the festival, we definitely had to shower after sweating like pigs. This weather makes me feel so nasty. I don't want anyone to me close to me, which definitely outrules touching me me. Just..stay away. I wanna take a shower every 20 min on order to feel ok. The sweat is consantly there and I'm fed up. And, this is how the weather forecast looks for the upcoming days...

Even though you might not be able to read Japanese, I think you get the gist of, plus 30 C and crazy humidity on top of that...switch with me, anyone?

Postat av: Bertil Söderquist

Ja det skall väl bli skönt att komma hem till Sverige? Hemma i Sverige skall det ju vara sommarvärme men senast de månaden har det varit regn och svalt.
Stora kramar från Kerstin & Bertil
Väl kommen Hem!

2012-07-17 @ 14:54:35

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