It was VERY hot outside today. I know I keep mentioning that in every post but...I can't stress it enough. It's hell. BUT!! The thought that I'll be going home next week keeps me strong.
Anyways, here's a random pic of my new nails. Went for a..let's call it a beach look...

And I must say that I'm in looooove with my new Lush product, the foot cream I bought last Friday. It's amazing and perfect for my nasty, dry feet. And it has a fresh minty smell to it aswell! YAY!

God bless~

Today after school we had a little meeting about document we need to return home or travel outside of Japan and other papers we had to fill in. Boring but very important stuff. Aaaand...oh yeah I just have to say that I had the weirdest dream in a while last night. The apocalypse was on our doorstep (I blame Supernatural for that) and  there were monsters everywhere and shit....then everything shiftet and I almost ended up killing Sofia and Dena in an elevator (don't ask...) and then...I was making out with Tom Hiddleston. Interesting night indeed.


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