Back together

So yeah, I ended up watching Supernatural last night. I managed to watch 4 episodes (Season 6) before I went to bed. The reason that I haven't watched Season 6 earlier is mainly because of Dena. She REALLY doesn't like S6 and told me if I ever watch it...I'm gonna regret it.
So, after listening to my dear friend for I don't know how many months, I couln't take it anymore. I needed more Winchester. Sooo....I dived in into the mess that is supposed to be Season 6 of Supernatural. And so far, I feel quite ok. Not really blown away but I still laugh at the brothers....and Castiel of course. How I missed my favourite angel. I wonder if I can finish watching S6 by this week.....we'll see.

Sam, Dean, Castiel.....*dies*


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