Back in Town

I’m gonna make this blogpost short, you guys (sorry… but I'll make up for it with pics instead!)



Yesterday (Thursday): We had orientation at school and I feel sooooo excited about everything! I can’t wait until school starts on Tuesday!

The cafeteria at the school

The view from the roof of the school

So beautiful *w*

In the evening we totally failed trying to use our washing machine and ended up having to wash our clothes in the bathtub. Not funny at all.


Not so happy girls...


Today (Friday): We went to Osaka! (AND OMG on the train to Osaka Sofia sat next to a guy who was goooooorgeous!! I mean, REALLY gorgeous! I managed to take a few pic of him while acting like I was taking pictures of Sofia) We went to HEP 5 (the amazing shopping mall where I practically lived last summer…), rode the ferris wheel and danced like maniacs in it, ate great food etc. Yeah, I LOVE OSAKA <3

Maybe not a great shot of him but, trust me, he was so cute >w<

I like the big city. I really do.

My favourite <3



The ferris wheel cart.

...and the view <3


Tomorrow (Saturday): Get our IKEA furniture. We’re gonna try to act manly and hopefully be able to assemble them all by ourselves (failure is not an option here…)

Postat av: mamma

Johanna jag är så otroligt glad att du bloggar. att få veta hur du har det betyder allt puss hälsa kompisarna

2011-10-07 @ 18:41:56
Postat av: Papi

Kul att höra hur bra ni verkar må, både Osaka o Kyoto ser fräscht ut! Videon med Sofia gåendes till Gazette var bra gjort, bra låt också. Your favourite dish, it it something I can get at Sagami? Fortsätt å njut!

2011-10-08 @ 11:04:53
Postat av: mamma

JohANNA nu har jag sett alla dina fantastiska videos, så stolt jag blir

2011-10-09 @ 17:33:07

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