Under my umbrella



The day before yesterday we went and had our Alien Registration card done and National Health Insurence thingy. That day was one of the slowest days in my life, but we got to know the other Swedes. Very nice! And later in the day we bought the Gazette's new album! It's sooooooooo good <3


Yesterday  we went to Kyoto City again. But this time, we spent moneeeey! I bought a new make up palett, nail polish, and umbrella, eyelash glue and folders to have all of my papers in.

Our kick ass umbrellas. Mine is the green one to the left <3



Today we have the orientation at school but before that we’re gonna try to do some other productive things.

And oh yeah, I got the first package that I sent from Sweden! I’m so happy that I got my nail art stuff now! YEHOO!



Postat av: ina

Älskar paraplyn!

OCH! ögonskuggorna! metalic <3

2011-10-06 @ 10:10:20
URL: http://inibell.blogg.se/
Postat av: Emma

Shit vilka snygga paraplyn!!!

2011-10-06 @ 18:10:09
Postat av: Majsi

You know I love you for picking the green umbrella <3

2011-10-08 @ 20:45:04

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