The best hours of my life

Today’s Tuesday.


Yesterday was the Gazette concert. It’s hard to describe the happiest hours of my life but…seriously…it’s was amazing. I cried, I laughed, I screamed, I danced, I sqeeled. It’s was the best concert of my life. I'm still having trouble to actually comprehend that I've seen them...for real. KAI WAS SO CUTE I ALMOST DIED <3 And Rukis voice blew me away. Damn that man can sing. And Aoi's dancing was hilarious. Reita was sooo hot and Uruha was....being himself :D

Hehe and one funny thing. There was boxes where you could put presents to the bandmembers. We gave the guys our phone numbers and I gave Kai a special gift. One Swedish crown. He'll be needing that after we get married.


The tour bus.

The view outside of the arena.

Yeah, a weird picture. But what can you expect? It's TOPIA & TOHANNIS we're talking about.

Postat av: ina

Jag misstänker han behöver mer än en krona men de är alltid en start ! :D

2011-10-25 @ 10:43:38
Postat av: Papi

Låter fantastiskt med Gazette, ett djupt minne för livet förstår jag. Jag ser fram emot Bob Dylan 4 nov!

2011-10-25 @ 20:31:51

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