Bless you

Now it's Monday.... already! Last week just flew by O.O Crazy. Anyway, I went and got my driving licence card-thingy today after school. I look, like I predicted, weird XD And I have to use that one in 10 years!! Gosh... I also got my nail art stickers today! They're really pretty and I can't wait to use them!!
I forgot the charger for my Vaoi at school and my other HP laptop is being a bitch and disconnects me from the Internet every 5th minute so I'm currently sitting on...the BAJS-computer XD So I'm gonna dig up a different kind of picture to post this time...and what would be more fitting than some screenshot from SIMS 3 :D (just three of them.. I have TOO many that I wanna post but this is good for starters ^^)

Me and Ina playing with the sprinkler.

Ina, about to get down to business.

Me, meditating by some bushes.

Postat av: ina

Åh Louiiii! Ses imorn ja ja ja! :D

(lite förvånad att du inte valde en fiskarN bild) ;)

2011-02-01 @ 23:41:06

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