It's such a pity, you're right there...

I had a dream about the GazettE last night!!!!! O3O YAY!!! And it felt so real!! I mean like REALLY IN MY FACE REAL!! Like I could touch them...fufufu... Okey this is how it was:
I was a signing. And I remember the feeling of seeing the five of them stepping up to the front table and like waving to us fans and all. Amazing! The first one that I went up to was none other than Aoi  (who wore the Guren clothes for some unknown reason...) and I was so nervous! O.O Then I saw Ruki (in his sparkly suit from Red) and he was SOO HOT!! Gosh... then I went to Uruha (who wore a VERY suspicious garment made of...purple latex ;_;) and when I saw him I went nuts and tried to climb over the table-desk-thingy to eh... rape Uruha. Then one of the security guys spoke in the speakers that ”Fans must not try to climb over the table-desk-thingy”. Dammit. So then I went to my future husband, Kai. AND HE WAS SO CUTE!! I remember actually talking to him i Japanese... He was so sweet (and asked where I've gotten my top lol). Then all of the sudden Reita appears and says that it's late and they have to leave. My reaction was following: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEITAAAAAAAA!!!! Yes, I screamed at him. But he just smiled and was like: Let's go Kai? And then they all excused themselves and left. GAH <3


ANYWAY! Today I bought some nail art stuff. Nice!! 50 sheets of stickers and a Dottingpen.


the GazettE <3


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