Let the sun rain down on me

Today we set the roles for our Macbeth play. Me and Anna wont be playing trees ;_; Maybe a houseplant, at it's best.
When I got home I was sorta productive. I filled in some of the forms for the University, I studied some Korean, I learned a bit from the choreography from Miss A "Breathe", I put some post-it notes in my samurai books....OH and I played some FFXIII!! How could I forget that? I played with Fang for the first time! YAY she soo awesome!
BUT!! The, by far, most important thing I did today was....listening to Panic! At the Disco <3 And I found their new vid! IT'S SO AWESOME AND IT'S LIKE A SEQUEL TO "I WRITE SINS NOT TRAGEDIES"!!!! (Ina fatta hur mkt jag skrek när jag upptäckte det XD) Anyway, the vid is down here so... check it out! ;D


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