You are my Vanilla

I just got home from Stockholm. These past 4 days have been amazing! On Sunday we arrived around 17:20 in Sthlm and then after taking the bus and the subway to our hotel, we went to our favorite Korean restaurant! Delicious as always <3 I also had fried ice cream (!) for dessert! Yum!

Lovely Sofia <3
On Monday we went to have a meeting with Koksi. We met up with Dena, who I have not seen in more than a month, and together we went to Koski's. We talked about apartments, bank issues and...make up O.o Afterwards me, Sofia and Dena went to TGI Friday and had lunch. Then we split up and me and Sofia went to GRÖNA LUND!!! We stayed until 22:00 xD So much fun!


Gorgeous evening at Grönan. Note: this photo is NOT photoshop:ed at all! The sky just turned pink and purple all of the sudden and was so beautiful. Me and Sofia said that the reason was probably a sign that Gackt had landed on Swdish grounds...

Then it was Tuesday. The day of the concert. We went to have lunch at Vapiano and then we went to stand in line for the concert around 13:00. They opened the doors 18:30. It was horrible and my butt hurt after sitting on the asphalt for like 5½ hours...and it started raining two times. The first time me and Sofia was hiding under my cardigan and the other time we put newspapers on our heads. We felt very miserable. But then the opening started and we got very close to the stage! And after waiting a bit more (*sigh*) he came out. God. Gackt. And OMGackt how amazing he was. He was so sexy, beautiful and cute! And his voice was fantastic <3 When he took of his shirt I almost died. Then he said: "Sweden, show me, how much do you love me?" *Loud screams* then he said: "Sweden, show me, how much do you want to fuck me?" *LOUDER SCREAMS* Gosh, how I love that man. I still can't really graps the fact that I've actually seen him. I think it'll hit me in a few days probably....
Today me and Sofia went shopping! YAY! And I was at first afraid that I would find anything...but oh how wrong I was. I don't even wanan think about how much money I spend today >__< Ah well.
So yeah, I'm a very happy girl right now. I've seen God, I've been spending alot of money, I've been eating delicious food and soon I'll be moving to my favorite place on earth together with my 2 amazing girls! Life could not have been better!!!


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