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Okey det blev inget hysteriskt inlägg igår kväll om Naruto ^^' Jag klarade mig. Men jag har fortf 10 chapters kvar att läsa ikv så... allt kan hända. Ikv blire alltså läsa Naruto + HP. YAY!
UAAAAH guess what I did today by the way?! I talked to the japanese ppl that's staying at the hotel I working! There's like 6 ojisan's staying there ^^ I was going to clean one of their rooms and then he said (with really bad english) that he had spilled something on the rug. I was trying to use the vacuume cleaner and stuff but the stain wouldn't give in! I asked him what he had spilled and he was like: Anooo~...paudaaa (powder). Then I accidently asked him WHAT KIND OF POWDER in japanese and then he looked at me like he'd seen a ghost XD Hahah then he laughed and said in Japanese: "あぁぁ、日本語がわかるか?すごい!" (Aah, you understand Japanese? Awesome!) Then he just went on and on talking to me in Japanese! Haha I was very nervous but I managed to tell him that I went to Japan last year to study and all...he also asked me where I was born xD Haha! He also gave me and my work partner Japanese rice-candy (which I now remember I forgot at work >_< DAMN)  THEN, when I was having lunch, he and one of the other Japanese guys who stays at the hotel went up to me and started talking to me. He said something like: "Oh are you the girl who can speak Japanese?" this guy spoke English surprisingly well and he sounded very interested in how I possibly could be able to speak Japanese. He also had a hard time understanding that I was adopted ^^ (You're not Swedish...but you live in Sweden..HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!") Ah well....Japanese ppl sure are a funny lot, indeed.

Postat av: ina

Det där med adoption är inte lätt ;O

längtar till fredag! SIIIIMS!

2011-08-14 @ 21:44:55
Postat av: Fanny

HAHAH! GU VA KUUUUUUUUL! :D kom på mig själv med att sitta och smila som en tönt genom hela ditt blogginlägg xD

2011-08-16 @ 01:21:45

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