Fangirl Rant: Ruki from The GazettE

I really don't know what to write....don't have anything important to say....sooo....I'LL JUST WRITE ABOUT HOW MUCH I WANT SEXXXY RUKI AND HOW AMAZING HE IS!! YAY! :D:D:D
I have 322 pic of Ruki on my laptop. And I love every one of them.... this one for example <3
The thing about Ruki that amazes me is how his style has changed over the years. The Gazette's style overall has changed alot but can bearly recognize thim O.o But I wouldn't say that it's a bad thing...though I prefer his current style more than the old ^^ (And when I say the old, I'm talking about the "Anata no tame..." -period. Not that it was bad, it's just that....nah.) Though my favorite look of Ruki is, without a doubt, the "Regret"-look. I LOVE HIS PINEAPPLE-HAIR <3
Love the hair *w*
His newer
And then there's "Red". What can I say about's for real, one on my favorite songs in the world and Ruki is so hot in the video that I almost die everytime I watch it. There's nothing like it.
I'm in love.

Postat av: Sofia

Ouuhh. I love me some Ruki! Ska börja se yanki-kun to megane-chan idag.. Blev taggad efter att ha hängt med My och sett en ascreepy film som hette "Battle Royale" med snygga japanpojkar i high school uniforms kehehe 8D

2011-08-22 @ 17:46:00

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