Take me away to the unknown wonderland from this plastic world

Aaah….where to begin at? Well, my 5 days in Stockholm were amazing.  Shopping, great company, delicious food and ofc the Miyavi concert.


Me, Sofia and Dena also met up with the guy who is helping us to get to Japan (managing applications, helping us find an apartment etc) and it was really good to be able to talk to him face-to-face and not over the phone and by mail. So we could ask questions and all…and he said that it’s highly unlikely that we’ll not get accepted at the University we applied to. Soo…we’re going to Japan, for real. I can’t believe it.


But the highlight of the trip was the concert. Me, Anna and Anna had soundcheck tickets so we got to see sweet Miyavi with no make up before the concert. He also played a special song just for us from his upcoming album. AND afterwards they gave us a photo of him with his autograph on it! KYAAAH!! We also got to get inside to the concert hall earlier than the rest which meant we stood at the front row, gripping the fence. And there we stood during the whole concert. And he was amazing. Totally amazing. And he looked gorgeous. Even more gorgeous than last time I saw him in 2009. And that says A LOT.


So yeaah…I had a great time and I can’t wait to go back to Stockholm!! That city ain’t that bad at all!

Sofia (who is seriously grimacing on EVERY picture I took in Stockholm XD) and Dena


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