Yesterday; Electronics + Yakinku + Zombies = Quality time with dad.

blev sent igår.

yesterday me and my dad went to fix my new TV (it's bitchin for no obvious reason)
So in the end...we bought a new one instead xD

Then we went to Sagami (I love their food<3)

And then we went to the cinema and watched Resident Evil: After Life 3D
I liked it wasn't that impressed xD

Oh yeah. I'm also babysitting Ina's cat (^3^) She's so cute (even though she woke me up 30 min ago....)

And this weekend I have to work *sigh* Ah!!

Gyoza and Tofu <3

Furai Moriawase

Yakiniku <3

My dessert,  macha Tiramisu.

Dad's dessert, macha mousse.


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