"DOCTOR Owen Harper, thank you"

That right I had a dream about Owen Harper last night (Torchwood)
Oh sorry, Doctor Owen Harper.

Anyways, we were on a beach together. And it was beautiful. Oh 'cept for Gwen who also was there -_-
And me and him were like... a couple? O.o sort of wierd but...nah.
I think that I also was in Torchwood... but I don't remember seeing neither Jack or Tosh (probably not seeing Jack was for the better 'cause if he'd been there I'd rape him and then the dream would've taken an "interesting" turn...)
ANYWAY, me and Owen walked into a small souvenir shop nearby the beach. And then we looked at phone-straps (just because of this I guess we were in Japan. They're phone-strap freaks I tell ya). So we were looking at them... and then all of a sudden I remembered... Owen is dead. So I told him:

-" Hey Owen....you're dead O.O".
then he said:
-"Yes...yes I am dead" and then he just.... disappeared into the air. Gone.

Why did you have to die Owen!! I didn't even have time to decide if I liked you or not you sod!!

Though after this dream...I decided I like him =)

Dr. Owen Harper


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