2018 & Umeå

So after a nice New Year's eve together with Sofia in Stockholm, where we ate SO MUCH GOOD FOOD and watched 君の名は (finally), the next day I grabbed a flight back to Umeå. I spent 10 days there hanging out with friends, spending time with my family, relaxing and eating sooo much. I am not joking when I am saying that I have never been this heavy in my entire life. I even passed last years post-christmas weight. Not feeling too stressed about it though. But anyways, I didn't take many photos during my days in Umeå, but here are some at least:
Immediately after dropping of my bags at home I took the car to Dena's to sit down and write our New Year's resolutions. This is our thing, and I love it <3

Having lunch with Mom at Rex.

Went out two times during last week together with Dena to teach her snowboarding. She did an amazing job and I also got the chance to ride a bit. I've missed my board so much.


Knäckepizza 2.0!

Fika with the relatives~

Some poop shaped snacks me and Maja made. We had such a nice and chill evening <3 I've missed her so much...

 Tarot reading for 2018!!!
I also met with Ina two times too but I don't seem to have any pics of it... ah well, it was awesome like always! Today I've been cleaning up, doing some grocery shopping, played some Horizon (damn I've missed Aloy) and mentally prepping for tomorrow...holy shit.


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