Mr Cake and Infinity War

Today I did two things that I have been looking forward to for MONTHS. Here we go! (Oh btw maybe I should point out that I've taken today and Wednesday off from my internship due to all the overtime I did earlier this month)
First thing: Mr. Cake. Yup. Today I finally managed to go there and try their delicious stuff. Me and Sofia went there for breakfast and I got their breakfast package consisting of a sandwhich (suuuper good), juice and tea. I also got their famous red velvet croissant. It was so good I almost wanted to scream. I'm actually considering going back there on Wednesday alone just to taste their cakes. Cause the thing is, at around 10:30 ish it got super crowded and me and Sofia, who was planning on going for a round two getting some cake, decided to give up and leave and save the cake for another time. And that time might just be on Wednesday...

Look at this beauty.
Second thing: Avengers: Infinity War. Yeeeeeeeeeeees!!! I am not gonna spoil the movie but damn.... it was insane. I really really liked it. Much better than Age of Ultron I think. It was so dope seeing the whole gang together (with some new characters that wasn't in the earlier Avengers movies) and just... kick ass! 

Sofia's cup vs My cup (which is such a perfect size!)
Tonight I was gonna go to the gym but I was so tired so I just gave up. I am still like... 4 h behind on sleep since the weekend so gotta try and sleep early tonight. 


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