The past week w/ Mom & Dad

So my Mom came and visited on Wednesday last week. She was in town for a course for her job, and decided to stay a bit longer to hang out with me. My Dad also had a course for work here in town (the day after Mom) so all three of us hanged out and went eating together etc.

Enjoying some Thai food on the evening Mom arrived here in Sthlm~

Friday morning, ready for brunch! 

This <3

Meeting up with Dad for a three course dinner~

Check out all that cilantro! Yeeeees

Paneng curry with tofu

My coconut pannacotta was SO GOOD THO
We spent Saturday at my Uncle's place and I had some quality time catching up with my cousins. Yesterday, on Sunday, we spent the first half of the day putting together some IKEA furnitures and then I had to work.......let's not even talk about it.  Dad left yesterday before I went to work and Mom left this morning just after 6:00. I barely remember her leaving since I was half asleep hahah. 
Today I am gonna prep a bit for tomorrow's seminar and then meet up with Anton who's gonna help me some more with my furnitures. And we're gonna play Resident Evil 6 as well. Ofc. We finished the first campaign a week ago. I already miss Leon. 


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