I haven't done ANYTHING today. If I have to write my main activities today they would be:

* Waking up at 7:00
* Recycle garbage
* Walk down to the platform to take the train to Uni only to realize that the power outages earlier this morning had effected the trains as well and I was NOT up for sitting in a train getting stuck in a tunnel with a shit ton of people. Not today. So I walked back home.
* Handed in an assignment due next week
* Made pancakes with pumpkin spice, maple syrup and walnuts (that combo tho)
* Started reading L'Étranger 
* Watched all of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight shows about Donal Trump and I am now, more than ever, amazed how America is even a real country. 
* Showered
THAT'S IT! I've been awake over 13 hours now and that's all I've accomplished. Worst part is that I kinda feel like "meh that's enough, eh?" hahaha. I was planning on watching the HP3 movie but I wasn't feeling it... ah well. Some days just...are like this I guess. 


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