Evening with the GU-gals

Last night I met up with my friends from GU! I feel like I've barely seen them this fall/winter, which sucks because they're so awesome! We met up in Bergshamra and did some grocery shopping, then we went to Tove's place and made dinner (wok!!) and double batch of chokladbollar. And we also had over 4 L of Julmust. Yes. 
We just ate and chilled the entire night. We watched some funny clips on youtube (like Sagan om Harry Potter and Sagan om de Bannlysta lol) and just...relaxed. It didn't even feel like catching up more just like we've last seen each other the other week. Just kept on going from where we left off after our graduation basically. Love it. Those girls are just amazing, I am so happy I met them during out time at Uni together <3 






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