Japan 2015 - Yokohama

One day we decided to take a full day trip to Tokyo's nearest city Yokohama. They're honestly almost morphed together by now with tons of railways that connect them and many people live in Yokohama but work in Tokyo etc. But we wanted to go there, so we did. And boy am I glad we did! Despite the weather, Yokohama was such a beautiful city. Alot of tall building, lot's of water and bridges (it is a port city after all) and atmosphere was really nice. First we went to Rinko park and then towards Landmark tower. We had lunch at a restaurant close to the tower and then took the subway to Chinatown. But before entering Chinatown we went to Hikawa Maru, an old Japanese ship with lots of history to it. Then we went to Chinatown! I was still full from lunch to I didn't buy anything but it was really nice walking around there. Then we went back to Yokohama station and did some shopping before heading back to Tokyo! 

Such a beautiful city!

At Rinko park.

There we have it! Landmark tower!

Having lunch at a restaurant on the 7th floor (or something haha).

Hikawa Maru!

The coolest part! The engine room!

Break at Starbucks...

China town!



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